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Art of Acupuncture is a complementary health clinic in Fort St, near Wellington Square in Ayr. We are acupuncturist specialists, also provide traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Guomin Jiang, well known in Ayrshire


for Traditional Chinese Medicine and


Acupuncture Therapy, graduated from


Beijing University of Chinese Medicine


in 1993 fully qualified in Traditional


Chinese Herbal Remedies, Acupuncture


Therapy and Tui Na Massage.



He has more than 20 years' clinical


experience in China, Northern Ireland


and Ayrshire.



He is a member of the Association of


Traditional Chinese Medicine and


Acupuncture UK.

To formulate a TCM diagnosis we use 3 main techniques:

  • Questions: We get a lot of information by asking a wide range of questions about your general health and bodily processes, as well as your personal circumstances, lifestyle, medical history etc.
  • Pulses: We feel the pulses on both your wrists at three different positions. This provides information about what is happening in each of the organ systems and how they are functioning.
  • Tongue: Different areas of the tongue represent different organs systems in TCM. By looking at the colour, coating, shape, and any distinguishing features, we can gather more information about the internal processes of the body.

Once we have gathered all this information we can see which organ systems are not functioning as well as they should, causing symptoms of ill health. We are interested in finding out what the initial cause of any imbalances are, and how imbalances in different organ systems may be linked. Once we have all the information we can formulate a diagnosis and decide how best to proceed with treatment.

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01292 268513



Art of Acupuncture


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