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Acupuncture is the use of very fine needles at specific points on the body to stimulate healing and restore the body’s equilibrium.

Traditional acupuncture is part of a system of medicine known as traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM. It has been used in China and other Far Eastern countries for thousands of years. TCM looks at each as an individual and tailors treatment to suit your particular needs. It is a holistic treatment, which means we are interested in you as a whole person and not just your symptoms. For instance we take into account your environment (both social and physical), your work, your personal and medical history and your lifestyle. Acupuncture can work with your emotions and spirit, as well as a huge range of physical problems.


Acupuncture is a safe treatment for people of any age, including children. Many people come for acupuncture to get help with a specific problem. Acupuncture can be used as a way of maintaining good health as well, and as a way to focus your attention on yourself both physically and emotionally. Often people who are helped by acupuncture decide to keep coming for treatment as they find it so beneficial and enjoyable!


Acupuncture can help with a wide range of issues both physical and emotional, chronic and acute. Due to recent advertising restrictions, we cannot list all the different conditions that acupuncture can help. So please contact us directly to discuss your individual needs.


The number of treatments needed varies depending on each individual and the condition being treated. Normally more simple or recent problems can be helped more quickly than more complicated or longstanding ones. As a general rule, we hope to see improvement within 3 – 6 sessions.

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