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Tui Na Massage - The ancient Chinese bodywork



Tui Na (pronounced 'twee-nah') massage is a complete healing system, like acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. These three forms of therapy are the main components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Tui Na is probably the oldest system of bodywork still practised yet its popularity continues to grow.


The techniques of Tui Na and details of its uses in treating a range of health problems were already documented in a vast treatise - The Yellow Emperor's Classics of Internal Medicine, written about 2500 years ago. After such a lengthy period of development and evolution, modern Tui Na is the most tried and tested hands-on therapy in the world.


Tui Na is performed over your clothed body. Patients sit on a chair or lie on a couch. Tui Na is a medical treatment and as with all TCM modalities, a case history and diagnosis will be done prior to treatment. Some techniques performed may be familiar to you. The massage is usually done using gentle to quite firm pressure using palms, thumbs, fingers, and elbows, added to this are various stretches. It can be more vigorous than other forms of massage. As with other body therapies you may leave a little sore, light-headed or supercharged after your treatment, but mostly patients always feel better after Tui Na. Ointments, herbal compresses and cupping maybe applied as an additional benefit to your personalised treatment.

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